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Science Communication
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I help you express and explain your science in a way that will stick and have a strong impact. 


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Dr. Chiara Decaroli

Quantum Computing Expert & Science Outreach Specialist


"I have been working together with Chiara on several outreach projects in the field of quantum science and technology. Her expertise in physics and passion for science communication, together with her creativity and professional approach, make it fun to work with her and the projects always turn out a success. In her beautiful and eye-catching illustrations she manages to visualize the most complicated physics. I warmly recommend Chiara!"
Klara Berg, coordinator NCCR Quantum Science and Technology, ETH Zurich

"It is not an easy task to convey how a quantum computing system works, even if you have 20 pages to do so. We asked Chiara to do something even more difficult, which was to use only 5 drawings to convey all the basics of our novel quantum computing design. The result was perfect, and has received countless praise from folks who have seen it on our website, video, and slide decks. In addition to the terrific work product, Chiara is a pleasure to work with. She understands the most complex nuances of quantum technologies, is a talented artist, and a friendly collaborator who works well on deadlines. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Nick Farina, EeroQ CEO

"Chiara worked with me for the RETHINKING CREATIVITY exhibition in the ETH Pavilion at the World Economic Forum in 2020. With a team of quantum physicists and action designers, we developed four exhibits on quantum physics. I really enjoyed this collaboration with her. Chiara knows how to reduce complex matter to the essentials and explain it in a way that outsiders can easily follow. She has developed a strong concept as a team, always keeping the audience's perspective in mind. She thinks visually and has a great team spirit. I would love to work with her again anytime."
Simone Bucher van Ligten Curator and Communication Project Manager
Office of the President, ETH Zurich